Dr Tom (Taufiq) Shelley

Until I officially retired in April 2011, I was Group Technical Editor of the Industrial Group of publications at Findlay Media, normally writing half or more of the magazine Eureka each month. You can view a selection of some of the stories I wrote. I still write freelance. When I left I was presented with a statuette by John Ravera that is supposed to represent the ecstacy of an engineer who has just made a major breakthrough and solved a big problem. My trophy I am now back to solving such real problems and as such am a director and company secretary of technology startup Blast Absorption Systems Limited www.blastabsorptionsystems.co.uk which is developing technology based on complex pre-stresses to improve the performance per unit weight of armour and many other types of construction in mechanical and civil engineering. Diagram of basic principle behind how this works . I remain passionate about making things more efficient, reducing energy consumption and hopefully saving the planet. I still write on these subjects and also do my best to try to make them happen for real, getting involved in the design and development of systems and devices ranging from novel wind turbines, tidal power plants and a waste to power plant project in a developing country. The company I have set up for this purpose is Shelley Engineering Limited. I even had a mention in the Russian magazine, Professia. I also get involved in multi cultural relations activities and do my best to promote good relations between all nations, communities and cultures. You can write to me at shelleys@shelleys.demon.co.uk or taufiqshelley@gmail.com

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