Curriculum Vitae

Dr. T. R. SHELLEY M.A., Ph.D., F.S.O.E., F.I.Plant E., M.I.M.M.M., C.Eng.

Nationality: British Citizen

Education: School: Bushey Grammar School, Bushey, Herts 1957 to 1963: GCE Advanced Level, June 1963: Maths, Physics, Chemistry (all 'A's)

University: Emmanuel College, Cambridge: 2i in Natural Sciences Part I in June 1966: Advanced Physics, Mathematics, Metallurgy, Mineralogy and Crystallography, Physical and Inorganic Chemistry. 1st in Part II, June 1967, Metallurgy
Ph.D. from Dept of Metallurgy and Materials Science, Cambridge in November 1970. Thesis: "Arc electrolysis"

Professional: Member of the Institution of Materials, Minerals and Mining, Chartered Engineer, Fellow of the Society of Operations Engineers, F.I.Plant E.

Directorships: Director of Innovation Funnel CIC which commercialises inventions. , , .Also Director of Shelley Engineering Limited, which specialises in assisting sustainable energy projects, particularly in developing countries.

Paid Work: Freelance technical journalist. Jan 1985 to official retirement in April 2011: Group Technical Editor of Industrial Group at Findlay Publications, specialising in Eureka, Britain's most successful design technology journal. Responsible for originally starting off the Eureka Web site, now to be found in greatly enhanced form at . Trophy by renowned sculptor John Ravera presented to mark retirement .Eureka is devoted to the transfer of innovatory ideas into new fields. The magazine goes, every month, to 27,000 senior design engineers in Britain and about 1,000 paying subscribers overseas. Its continued and growing success stems from its high quality illustrations and its ability to describe even the most complex and advanced innovations in terms which engineers from other disciplines can easily understand. Spin-offs include: Eureka on Campus, sent to final year engineering students. Also contributes to other Findlay titles, particularly Manufacturing Computer Solutions and European Automotive Design. Was Highly Commended in the 'Writer of the Year' (Business and Professional Magazines) category of the PPA Awards for Editorial and Publishing Excellence in 2002. PICTURE. Was Winner of the JET Media Excellence Award in the Technical Writer Category in 1996. The competition was open to all writers and broadcasters on automotive matters. Was also a finalist in the BBP/DTI Innovation Writer of the Year Awards in the four years the competition was run: 1993, 1994, 1995 and 1996 and was Highly Commended in 1993, 1995 and 1996.

Jan 1984 to Jan 1985: Personal Assistant to Mike Baxter, Managing Director of Trans Nordic, a small Kent based firm which makes and sells hydraulic equipment. The Rego Valve I helped to promote

May 1979 to Nov. 1983: Initially the Research Officer, and finally, the Development Engineer with Blaw Knox: a Rochester, Kent based firm making road paving machines. Solved the problem of finding out how the machines actually worked, which it was necessary to elucidate when the company produced a design which performed unexpectedly poorly. PICTURES

Beginning 1979: Appointed Advisor on Research to the National Iranian Copper Industries Co., Iran. Accepted job from U.S.A. but did not take up post because of the revolution.

1976 to Nov. 1978: Assistant Professor at the Montana College of Mineral Science and Technology, Butte, Montana, U.S.A. As well as teaching up to 17 contact hours a week, supervised up to five graduate and other students working at any one time. Successful studies included a U.S.Bureau of Mines/Anaconda Company contract to find the best way of safely dealing with used pot linings from aluminium extraction cells. some more about the project .Another was a State of Montana study to investigate the economics and best means of constructing solar powered hot water heaters. PICTURES

Sep. 1973 to Aug 1975: Assistant Professor at the then, Arya Mehr University of technology, Teheran, Iran. Owing to language problems, devised a system of information notes and multiple choice examination papers, all of which could be translated into Farsi (Persian). Also did research related to Sar Cheshmeh Copper project, saving the company a great deal of money by showing them that the provisionally chosen process was unsuitable for the types of ore minerals encountered on the site.

Oct. 1970 to Aug 1973: Emmanuel College Research Fellow. Spent the three years developing, building and testing a pilot plant tin smelter. Design was derived from research and patented process conceived during Ph.D. thesis investigations. PICTURES . Also built what is believed to have been the World's first on-line solid state spectrograph. MORE INFORMATION

Other interests: Chairman of the Kent Inventors Forum.

On July 6th 2004, my wife Rizwana went up to the Royal Show and received two awards from English Nature for our conservation work on the wood we look after. See page about the wood. One says, "SSSI Awards 2003. English Nature gratefully acknowledges the outstanding achievement of Dr Tom Shelley and Mrs Rizwana Shelley in the management of **** SSSI, signed, Sir Martin Doughty, Chair of English Nature." The second says "English Nature. Presented to Dr Tom and Rizwana Shelley. People and Nature Award. English Nature's SSSI Awards. Royal Show Stoneleigh 2004.

Was also volunteer scientific advisor to Kent County Council. Honorary publicity officer for the local county 1989 and 1990 Festivals of Cultures. Estimated attendances were 10,000 and 5,000 visitors.

Academic Publications:

Publications in Transactions of the Institution of Mining and Metallurgy, Section C. (Mineral Processing and Extractive Metallurgy)

(1) "Arc Electrolysis of Lead Silicate Melts" by T.R.Shelley and J.A.Charles, Vol 78 (1969) pp C177 - C180

(2) "Arc Electrolysis of Complex Tin-Containing Melts" by T.R.Shelley and J.A.Charles, Vol 79 (1970) pp C259 - C268

(3) Discussions and contributions re above, Vol 80 (1971) pp C204 - C207

(4) "Mechanism of Stannic Oxide Solubility in Molten Oxide Slags" by T.R.Shelley and R.Shelley, Vol 82 (1973) pp C54 - C56

(5)"Continuous Melt Analysis by Use of a Simple Spectrophotometer to Monitor the Main Arcs in an Electric Arc Furnace", by T.R.Shelley, Vol 82 (1973) pp C249 - C250

(6) "Arc Electrolysis of Ferruginous Tin-Containing Melts: Pilot Plant Experiments" by T.R.Shelley and J.A.Charles, Vol 83 (1974) pp C18 - C24

(7) "Possible Recovery of Values from Copper Containing Slags by Mineral Dressing" by T.R.Shelley and R.Shelley, Vol 83 (1974) pp C124 - C125

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(9) "Sulphuric Acid and Ammoniacal Leaching of Sar Cheshmeh Oxidic Copper Ore" by T.R.Shelley, Vol 84 (1975) pp C174 - C176

(10) "The grinding, Impact Fracture and Crushing Characteristics of Real Rocks" by T.R.Shelley, Vol 85 (1976) pp C105 - C108

(11) "Pressure Ammoniacal Leaching of an Oxidic Copper Ore" by C.T.Alvarez and T.R.Shelley, Vol 86 (1977) pp C214 - C216

Publications elsewhere:

(12) "Aluminium Cathode Recovery" by B.F.Lu and T.R.Shelley. Journal of Metals, September 1978 pp 21 - 27

(13) "Solar Water Heaters for a Cold Climate" by T.R.Shelley, Sunworld, Vol. 2, No. 4, November 1978 pp 112 - 116

(14) "Properties of Hot Asphalt and Other Materials Relevant to Road Paving" by T.R.Shelley, Highways and Public Works, Vol 48 No. 1840, March 1980. pp 25 - 32

(15) "How Paver Screeds Work" by T.R.Shelley, Highways and Public Works, Vol 50 No. 1866, June 1982, p4

(16) Cost effective energy saving and carbon reduction in hotels

(17) Len Shelley His Life and Work

(18) Sophisticated control assists airlift pump for water irrigation

(19) Preventing disaster like Deepwater Horizon by using the natural pressure of sea water at depth

(20) Silver containing fibres offer way to kill bacteria on towels and garments

(21) Science and Islam the Universe and creation

(22) Turning municipal waste into clean energy in Pakistan

(23) Cold mix road repair using recycled asphalt

(24) Possible stone age star map in Kent

Published Conference Presentations:

(1) "Aluminium Cathode Recovery", by T.R.Shelley and B.F.Lu, "Light Metals 1978, volume 2: Alumina and Bauxite Production, Cast Shop Technology and Environmental Control" pub. A.I.M.E., pp 539 - 559

(2) "Sensors for Road Pavers" by T.R.Shelley. "Sensors in Highway and Civil Engineering", Proceedings of Institution of Civil Engineers Conference, London, 5th February, 1981, pp 11-18

(3) "Energy Economy in Highways Construction" by T.R.Shelley. Proceedings of Public Works Congress 1981, pp R(1)1 to R(1)17

(4) "Cost Effective Highway Maintenance" by T.R.Shelley, Proceedings of Public Works Congress 1981, pp W(2)1 to W(2)16

(5) "Advances in Paver Design" by T.R.Shelley, Documentation of IXth IRF World Meeting, Stockholm, 1st to 5th June 1981. "Road Materials and Construction", TS4, pp 451 - 460

(6) "Using pre-stress to save materials and Lives" by T R Shelley. Presentation to Materials KTN Event, "Combatting Materials Scarcity" at Royal Society London May 18th 2011.

(7) "Improving vehicle protection against improvised explosive devices" by T.R.Shelley. Presentation to Counter Terror Expo at Olympia, London, April 26th 2012, published in Defence IQ, October 23rd 2012, "Is the V-shaped Hull History?"

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