The Shelley family

The Shelley family live in the South East of England. We are a multi-cultural family, of father, mother, and grown up son and daughter plus various cousins, aunts, and uncles.

Dr Tom (Taufiq) Shelley: scientist, engineer and technical journalist
Miss Shakiba Shelley: law graduate also interested in inter-cultural relations
Len Shelley: professional artist
Some Shelley family history
Proposed reunion at Tom's old School, Bushey Grammar School
Opinions expressed by Nobel prize winners in science subjects
Chaudhari Rahmat Ali, who conceived the nation of Pakistan
Tragic killing of Professor Zahoor ul Akhlaq and his daughter Jahanara in Pakistan
A society wedding in Lahore, Pakistan
Pakistan April 2004, a brief photo journal
India September 2004, a few pictures
A few pictures from India and Pakistan in 2007
A memoire from one of the founders of Pakistan
Better hand tools for the garden and the field
A few pictures from the opening ceremony at the Millennium Dome
Flowers in a Kent wood
Global warming: is CO2 the real culprit?
Engineering and Physics: Synergy for Success conference held on October 5th 2006
Something to help people get a better night's sleep
Something curious that seems to have no sensible explanation

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