India and Pakistan 2007:a few photos page 2

There are many things to see in the museums and art galleries

Ladies playing polo. National Museum, New Delhi, India

There are lots of nice things to buy and nice places to buy them in

Shop in Sion district of Mumbai India. Quality is good and service is always excellent

Swing chair made in Karachi, Pakistan. If anyone interested cares to email us at we will pass your enquiry onto the UK agent for this company

Their chairs are rather nice too

Just a walk in a park reveals many pleasures in either country

Flower in Hanging Gardens, Mumbai India

Common Jezebel butterfly, one of many garden visitors

Black Kites circle above most cities in both India and Pakistan.These appear to have spotted the dragonfly seen top Left but they seem to eat almost anything. Some get killed when they dive to pick up dead rodents on highways.


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