India and Pakistan 2007:a few photos page 3

Places to stay are first class

The Acres Club, Mumbai

People care about nature

The pavement has been carefully made round this tree on a Mumbai street rather than cause it to be cut down

People are passionate about politics, sometimes too passionate

Village street in Sind, Pakistan, December 2007

People in India and Pakistan have a long tradition of excellence in engineering design

Fatehpur Sikri, India

This is a most ingenious corrugated paper making machine in a cardboard box factory in Pakistan. It is much safer to use than it looks, since the whole thing shuts down and turns off the gas if it encounters a problem. We saw it do this and we were told that there is no way the gas flames can set the cardboard on fire. Despite this, it is much cheaper to purchase, more reliable and easier to maintain and repair than machines made in Europe or the Far East. These and other machines for cardboard carton manufacture are produced by Chughtai Engineering Works, Plot No.1, Street No. 2, Gurunanak Nagar, Ichhra Adda, Ferozepur Road, Lahore, Pakistan, Tel: +92 42 7581370 Fax +92 42 7587263

Modern media based industries also make their mark in both countries

Making part of an episode of a TV soap opera in Mumbai

The way ahead for both countries is clear and wide open

One of the main boulevards in Karachi the day after the death of Benazir Bhutto. Even those who had fuel for their vehicles were at this time, much too frightened to venture out of their houses.

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