India and Pakistan 2007:a few photos

In 2007, we had the good fortune to be able to make brief visits to both India and Pakistan. The two countries are much closer to each other culturally and socially, than say England and France, so we can only hope that it does not take around 800 years of warfare, as it did in the case of England and France, to realise that warfare and quarrelling is a really dumb way of conducting relations with neighbouring counties and that it is much better to work closely together.

The two countries share many of the same challenges such as: large and expanding populations in crowded cities:

Ajmer, India

Overloaded transportation systems

Village on road from Karachi to Thata in Pakistan

But both countries have a lot of good things going for them, such as incomparable historical sites and architecture

Taj Mahal India

Mosque in Thata, Pakistan, Built by the same Shah Jehan who was responsible for the Taj Mahal. The 100 domes in the passages round the central courtyard transmit sound so that the words of the Imam could be heard all through the building in the days before microphones and amplification

Tomb of Prince Sultan Ibrahim bin Meerza Muhammad Isa Kahn Turkham dated 1559. One of the many mausoleums of great princes, clerics and lesser folk to be found in the Necropolis at Makli near Thata in Pakistan. .

There are many colourful scenes and experiences to be had

Elephant at Amber, India. This one apparently hates having his picture taken, The Mahout was shouting a warning to hide the camera

Pakistani truck encountered on highway in Sind. The colourful decoration is not just for show but to make sure the vehicle is highly visible to other road users, especially at night


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