Flowers in a Kent Wood

We have recently taken responsibility for a small piece of woodland in Kent. One of its features is its many flowers

Wood anemones known in Kent as Milkmaids (March)


Early purple orchids

Common orchid

Twayblade orchid flowers



Spindle tree fruit in November

Clitocybe infundibuliformis; The last part just means funnel shaped

One of the most interesting aspects of the fungi is the way many of them seem to have adapted to match the colouration of the dead leaves in the part of the wood where they happen to be

One of the less welcome sights we found when we first took over the wood

The washing machines, the old cars, the refigerators and the building refuse have now all gone. We would like to acknowledge all the help and physical assistance we have had from teenage volunteers working as part of the Duke of Edinburgh's Award scheme , the local office of English Nature, volunteers working for the Kentish Stour Countryside Project and local horse riders participating in the TROT (Toll Rides Off road Trust) scheme. We still have a problem with the leaking drums in the background which are filled with an unidentified black liquid: some kind of toxic waste perhaps?, all dumped anonymously of course

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