Pakistan April 2004 photo journal page 2

Our preferred mode of travel was train. The trains are cheap, clean and generally run on time. Workmen polish the windows before the train starts a major journey. 1st class AC travel is quite luxurious and a new computerised booking system has done wonders to ensure getting a seat, essential at busy times. More information at

The younger generation is into everything technological. Here, a young tailor explains mobile phone capabilities which we were unaware of. His e-mail, should anyone wish to order a smart suit, shirt or tie is

Flowers grow brilliantly in the hot climate. This garden is part of what was the old race course in Lahore. It has relatively few visitors during the heat of the day, but is full of people in the cool of the early evening

One of the national passions is cricket, and pitches are lovingly cared for. One such is here being flood watered, happening to provide a haven for birds

Polo ponies being exercised

Food Street, Lahore. By day it is a thoroughfare in the business district, but in the evening, gates are closed at each ends of the street and the cafes and restaurants put out tables

Lahore jeweller. Personal service is still the order of the day in a country where every bride expects to be bedecked in gold jewellery at her wedding. Formerly an entirely back street workshop and handicraft industry, it is now seeing the effects of the introduction of computer aided design and industrial scale lost wax investment casting. More information for those interested can be found at sites such as:


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