Miss Shakiba Shelley B.A.Hons, GDL

I completed my law degree just over a year ago and recently received my Graduate Diploma in Law. I have now just started to put my skills to use in a challenging London practice. The four years I spent at DeMonfort University were great but the part of my education I enjoyed most was my time at Gads Hill Place School near Rochester, Kent. It is based in the last house owned and lived in by Charles Dickens. I play a reasonable game of tennis, but will have a go at any sport. I can cook in various national styles. I enjoy company and entertaining and am happy in any culture. I dress to suit the people I am among at the time. On the rest of this page are one or two pictures of me with various members of my family

With Uncle Mehmood Alam in Lahore

At my mother's birthday party (My hair was short then)

Taking part in an Asian fashion show

With my parents at weddings in London


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